New 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Inventory in Brooklyn, MI

The Ford Bronco Sport is a fun revival of an old favorite. It's a powerful off-roading SUV with a unique design, great performance, modern tech, and a welcome array of features. If you are interested in an off-roading SUV and want something a little different, give the Bronco a close look. There is nothing else quite like it on the market right now, and the fact that it is a brand-new model makes it that much more interesting. It's a fascinating new player in a competitive part of the market. If you are interested in an off-roader, then read on to learn more about the new Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Interior Design

The Bronco has two rows of space, and the interior is plenty roomy enough for adults. The seating is quite comfortable and elevated, and the driver has excellent vision in any direction. There are plenty of upgrades you can make to the comfort, like adding on leather upholstery. The interior materials are appropriately rugged and tough, so you don't have to worry about damage or wear and tear as you take things off-road, and they are easy to clean too. It also has two sets of LATCH connectors for child seats, and the interior as a whole is quiet, which is good for daily driving.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Exterior

The exterior of the Bronco is a bit of a throwback. It has a more boxy shape than other modern SUVs, but it still manages to keep itself distinguished from the other boxy off-roader, the Jeep Wrangler. It's a little sleeker and more stylish without sacrificing the tough look. There is something about the Bronco lines that lets you know that it is a contemporary design, but with some 90s elements that give it a look all its own. It is a fun SUV to look at, and it is eye-catching as you commute from Adrian, MI to Manchester, MI.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Performance Features

The Bronco has two different engines to choose from. The base engine is an interesting V3 with a turbocharger rated at 181 horsepower. It's quite forceful and energetic, and it has a great response from the pedal. The upper trims have a bigger engine, a V4 rated for 250  horsepower. It's a notable increase, and you will feel the power in acceleration and top-end response. You don't need to upgrade if you don't want to because the base engine is more than enough for a fun and engaging driving experience.

Ford Bronco Sport Safety Feature

The Bronco is built tough, but it also has a great collection of automated safety features. It has blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, and several more. You can also add on adaptive cruise control and a few more extras, but as a whole, nearly all of the safety equipment comes standard. It's an impressive list and easily stacks up to any competitor in this size class. All of that is the perfect fit for off-roading and practical driving, and it is reassuring to see the commitment to safety.

Ford Bronco Sport Technology Feature

The Bronco comes with an impressive list of tech features. it has an eight-inch touchscreen in all models and an immaculate, well-designed interface for infotainment. It has smartphone connectivity for both Apple and Android phones, and that is standard. It also has four USB ports and Bluetooth. There are plenty of upgrades you can make, too, like wireless device charging pads, onboard navigation, more USB ports, sound system upgrades, and plenty more. One of the standout standard features is its Wi-Fi network.

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